It takes only a couple of minutes to get into the forests of Börzsöny from the cabin. There are many variations of walking paths where you can wander-you can also find some tourist maps in the house that can help you to plan your hike. The Julianus look-out tower, hiking to Törökmező or to the Remete caves or  to the cute town of Zebegény are among the recommended hiking trips from our cabin. If you feel like getting deeper into the Börzsöny, you should start your trip from Kismaros and get on one of the dinkey lines of Börzsöny and travel to Királyrét. This a good departure point to Nagy-Hideg-hegy or to the highest point of Börzsöny: Csóványos.

Nagymarosi Chestnut Trail


Chestnut trail is a short, but quite interesting hike, starting from the Danube bank in Nagymaros. If you start your hike from here the first half an hour will be a steep walk, but then following the signs you can get the best views of Nagymaros, and loads of information of the surrounding flora and fauna. It takes around three hours to do the hike with a comfortable walking speed.

River Danube


Discovering the Danube is one more thing to tick on your bucket list-enjoy the beach in the city or discover the water by kayak or canoe at BTZ Kajak-Kenu-Csónak kölcsönző! In the summer there are many people paddling on the river, in the spring and in the autumn you can get closer to nature. It is highly recommended to book your kayak or canoe in advance in the summer!



There are many beautiful and picturesque details of the town if you take your time and discover it on foot: the medieval church, the steps of Calvary with a splendid view, old gates and small wine cellars.
Saturday mornings provide a great programme at the farmer’s market on and around the main square:local foods and good atmosphere: drink a coffee , immerse into the flea-market and then walk along the Danube!



A small but amazing town with the ruins of a royal palace, narrow romantic streets, wonderful restaurants-only a ten-minute long ferry ride from Nagymaros. Above the town, a medieval castle is really worth your time: also provides a fantastic view to the Danube bend.

Island Peak


A perfect place to visit another mesmerizing  viewpoint to the Danube bend and the castle of Visegrád-the best way to approach it from Nagymaros in  a canoe or kayak. A very lively place in the summer:full of swimmers, paddlers, campers and hikers, and provides a bit of a different, but still magical experience in all other seasons. Definitely worth a visit!
We’ll send you a list of recommended sights, if you stay at us!


– The Chestnuts